LaCausa, Inc.

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About the Company

LaCause, Inc. operates a non-profit child care and charter school.

The Challenge

Information systems have become critical to the way that schools operate. From taking attendance to tracking grades to communicating with parents, computers are core to day-to-day operations. In addition to that, computers have also become an integral part of the educational experience. Students are increasingly asked to complete work utilizing computers, such as creating PowerPoint slides, as well as using them for research and testing.

Solving the Issues

Through Sagitta’s Managed IT services, LaCause is able to ensure that its computer systems meet the needs of its administrators, teachers, and students so that the educational experience remains at the highest levels.

“Sagitta helps me overcome these challenges by having the knowledge of my network infrastructure, with fast response time (usually within 2 hours) and follow up to ensure the issue has been taken care for,” says Phil Hui, acting Technical Manager.

As part of its Managed IT services, Sagitta Systems provides LaCausa with a host of services including Microsoft Exchange migration, Microsoft Windows 2003 migration and maintenance, and desktop migrations.

The Results

Through Sagitta’s Managed IT services, LaCausa is able to operate efficiently and effectively, providing its employees with access to the computing resources they need to carry out their jobs and its students with the computers they need to become prepared for today’s, and tomorrow’s, technology-centric workplace. By providing “outsourced IT staff” services, Sagitta Systems enables LaCausa to concentrate on its core business with the comfort of knowing that if there’s an IT issue which might disrupt operations, or threaten customer service, Sagitta Systems is there to resolve it. This not only provides peace-of-mind but greatly reduces overall IT cost—Sagitta Systems resources work only when needed and don’t tie up needed capital by sitting idle at a desk.

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