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About the Company

Central States SER/SER Metro is a linked organization that acquires grants through governments and other entities and executes on those grants for non-profit or public-service needs. As an example, Central States SER has created an alternative high school for 16-19 year-olds to achieve their GED while SER Metro, located in Michigan, has utilized grant money to setup a 1-stop center for helping unemployed people register for unemployment, build a resume, develop job skills, etc.

The Challenge

Whether it's the not-for-profit organizations that Central States SER/SER Metro creates or its own internal operations, the IT network is a critical component of success. But because of the unique nature of its operating capital (i.e., grants), Central States SER/SER Metro cannot afford to invest heavily in a permanent IT staff, unsure of when it will need that expertise next.

Central States SER/SER Metro needs "on-demand" IT support as well as high-level, strategic guidance to make sure that its IT infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of today-and tomorrow.

Solving the Issues

Sagitta Systems developed Central States SER/SER Metro's core network, leveraging best-of-breed network designs provided by Microsoft. By enabling Sagitta Systems to build the network, Central States SER/SER Metro was able to gain significantly from Sagitta System's wide-range of network expertise that might not have been possible with in-house resources.

"I saw an ad in an IT magazine where a guy was clipping grass with clippers with a caption about the wrong tool for the job," says Stephen Arbour, acting Network Administrator. "For us, Sagitta Systems was the right tool for the job. Not only did they help us design, in large part, the network but also as the network has evolved, Sagitta Systems has continued to play a large part in that. It's always been in our best interest to reduce labor hours yet maintaining the highest levels of network management reliability."

As part of its Managed IT services, Sagitta Systems provides Central States SER/SER Metro with a host of services including Microsoft exchange migration, Windows 2003 migration and maintenance, desktop migrations, as well as tier 3 support for the local IT staff.

The Results

Through Sagitta's Managed IT services, Central States SER/SER Metro is able to benefit from the reliability and performance of an enterprise-grade network without having the headache of local management. By providing "outsourced IT staff" services, Sagitta Systems enables Central States SER/SER Metro to concentrate on its core business with the comfort of knowing that if there's an IT issue which might disrupt operations, or impact customer service, Sagitta Systems is there to resolve it. In addition, Sagitta Systems' expertise in network development and deployment ensure Central States SER/SER Metro that their network is the best that limited IT resources can buy. Both of these services result in high customer satisfaction (from clients) as well as lower internal operational costs for the company.

"The most obvious benefit (of Sagitta Systems), to any employer, is the reduced need of IT staff," says Stephen Arbour. "With only 2 on-staff technicians to address over 300 end-users, Sagitta fills the gap that we desperately need to keep 100% uptime for both servers and desktops. In fact, I would be hard pressed to find one complaint since fall of 2006 when we began using Sagitta Ssytems, without any additional cost going out."

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