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About the Company

SERCO of Texas operates the contract for employment Center for local Workforce Development areas in the regions of Texas with current operations in Coastal Bend (Corpus Christi) South Plains (Lubbock), and a centralized corporate office in Irving Texas. All financial information is consolidated with its parent company, SER Metro Detroit

The Challenge

As an information-intensive business, SERCO of Texas has a constant need for overall network maintenance, software maintenance (i.e., upgrades), and end-user support. Without a network and desktop machines running at peak efficiency, employees would have difficultly productively accomplishing the tasks that SERCO of Texas needs to fulfill its client obligations.

But as a small business, SERCO of Texas cannot afford a large, dedicated IT staff to meet the needs of maintaining its network/users as well as upgrading systems and software to meet client requirements.

Solving the Issues

Through Sagitta's Managed IT services, SERCO of Texas is able to focus on providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and meet the immediate needs of its customers without worrying about whether or not their IT system is operating efficiently, is up-to-date, or users can effectively access systems and data through their desktop computers.

"Sagitta overcomes our issues by handling any request I have immediately, and assisting my staff with support related issues," says Angela Bush, the Regional Accounting Manager. "They do an excellent job of maintaining the accounting server, installing updates (if an update is not installed the general ledger will not balance), and assisting staff with IT support Related issues."

As part of its Managed IT services, Sagitta Systems provides SERCO of Texas with a host of services including Microsoft Exchange migration, Microsoft Windows 2003 migration and maintenance, tier 3 support for the local IT staff, as well as desktop migrations.

The Results

By providing "outsourced IT staff" services, Sagitta Systems enables SERCO of Texas to concentrate on its core business with the comfort of knowing that if there's an IT issue which might disrupt operations, or threaten customer service, Sagitta Systems is there to resolve it. This not only provides peace-of-mind but greatly reduces overall IT cost-Sagitta Systems resources work only when needed and don?t tie up needed capital by sitting idle at a desk.

According to Angela Bush, "Sagitta provides impeccable customer service, at a cost savings. They are very reasonable for the outstanding services that they provide."

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