Why Sagitta?

Sagitta, one of the smallest of the 88 recognized constellations, is located just north of the equator but can be seen from everywhere on Earth except for within the Antarctic circle. It has been regarded as the traditional weapon that Hercules used to kill the eagle (Aquila) of Jove that perpetually gnawed Prometheus' liver.

Our use of this constellation symbolizes our belief that small, local, outsourced IT presence (available from any market as the Sagitta constellation can be seen from anywhere in the world) is the most effective weapon in dealing with today's technology challenges, whether everyday issues or "herculean" tasks. The constellation itself is a metaphor for the computer network of today. Just as individual stars are connected to create a constellation, a bigger entity, so too are computers connected to create the bigger entity of a network. In both cases, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This thinking is fundamental to how we provide services to our clients.

We have also incorporated the symbol of the arrow in our logo to demonstrate that we provide targeted, meaningful services. Sagitta Systems is a "straight shooter," focused and dedicated to providing our customers the services they need with outstanding support.

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